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Songs to Invoke Perseverance 3

Episode 42
Songs to Invoke Perseverance 3

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Experience the Journey

As time translates into moments, there are confining words which come at you as though they are some part riven from the scope of refined definition. They are just words, but they hammer at you more than what you may feel they deserve to — more than what you may feel can preserve you.

Just words.

Yet, there you are, nailed by those words, anchored by pressure and possession, flushed with pretense and presumption. Words have a magnetic way of pivoting your sense of self, the sensibility of who you comprehend yourself to be, and how others contend with themselves to see.

There is a systematic way of living a life, and oftentimes the system does not favor those in life. Sometimes, the system even takes a life. Meaning may be lost in translation. But, through the quest of life, there is perseverance.

Declaration starts now.

Your mind is the foundation of existence. It is the premise in which all else finds its course, or even discourse. Perseverance is not always readily available to provide navigation. Perception may take precedence, and deception may be of consequence. Be mindful of your grounding. Be careful with the language of thought.

Just words.

Speak your life into existence, and vocalize the truth of your persistence. Perseverance is an art form, and you are the canvas of its greatest work, its conversation piece, its masterpiece. Frame the definition of your life through actionable words that center you in the deliverance of peace.

Character is yours to refine, and how you claim it is the manner in which you name it.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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