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Songs to Invoke Fashion

Episode 16
Songs to Invoke Fashion

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Fashion is fusion. The precise and delicate manner of a tilted cap, or the artfully disarrayed chaos presented in the clash of two opposing patterns. These things are what drives fashion. The constant and evocative expression of self, culture, society, and being.

Fashion is driven by, but also drives, all of these principles. Your primary interaction and understanding of fashion may be the clothes and shoes you wear, the amazing haircut you just got, or the disavowal of all of the above. It could also be that fashion, for you, is driven by the cultural market forces that move you. The music you listen to, the shows you watch, even the car you drive, or neighborhood you live in.

When you break fashion down, past the meaning of its expression, past the social commentary, past the joy of a beautiful thing, what you are left with is simply imagery of some kind.



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