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Songs to Invoke Time

Episode 8
Songs to Invoke Time

Experience the Journey

Some may believe that time is linear, the progression of one moment to another. This may be one of the dirtiest of nature's many tricks, a mere design flaw in the structure of the human machine.

However you see time, whether as a circle of moments all happening at the same instance, where the past is the future, and the present is neither here nor there, or as an incremental step from yesterday into tomorrow, with no time to pause for today - time is what you make of it. Words you use to define the term may run-on, as time itself runs on and on.

This time, you will listen to me, as I say it again:

Time is what you make of it.

Many of the greatest humans transform time into music. And, music is the artful keeping of time - a patterning of moments, cleverly disguised as entertainment. The more clever the disguise, the more we enjoy pretending it is nothing more than just enjoyable entertainment, something more than a complex game of "guess what's next", played out by our precocious, bored minds.



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