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Songs to Invoke Christmas 3

Episode 38
Songs to Invoke Christmas 3

Experience the Journey

At this time of year, no matter how you try, you may find it hard to escape the ambient cheer. Here and now, the wonderment of Christmas is all around. From the temperament of the frosty air, to the sentiment of the warmly affair, all that matters is that we pause for a moment... to care.

This omnipresence harkens the plight of righteousness. Presents under a tree, and presence of loved ones under mistletoe, give pretense to whimsical joy that somehow just seems to make sense.

So, ride this current, if you might. Sleigh bells are ringing your way to signal flight. And, I've even heard several wise men say, there's a reverent star shining for a divine and glorious night.

Christmas means many things to many people. Nevertheless, this holiday season has an inescapable meaning, and a universal theme of hope and deliverance.

As such, it is quite plausible to desire to share this season amongst loved ones, and amongst those whom you care. But, first let yourself be free from lingering seasons that may not have been so fair. Embrace the presence of now as a present to yourself, living in the presence of your present self.

The twinkling of lights is more than just a twinkling in your eyes. You are a spotlight of the direction for defining a weathered yesterday. You are a lighthouse of the promise for predicating weather tomorrow. All it takes is for you to be a flashlight refining the flame you ignite today.

The gift to you is simply of you.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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