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Songs to Invoke Humor

Episode 12
Songs to Invoke Humor

Experience the Journey

Imagine something funny. You are now connected to the vast majority of people on this planet. Humor cuts across all boundaries, cultures, and divisions. From the slapstick joys of children, to the irrational amusing antics of Ignatius J. Reilly, or the darkly funny aspects of a Coen Brothers movie – humor is a base expression of what it means to be human.

The ancient Greeks considered it so vital, they assumed it was produced by various fluids in balance within the body. In approaching humor, you may assume your view to be present everywhere. However, that is not necessary the case.

Humor is intensely personal, and even when it is shared broadly, and understood inherently, it is still a factor of your own personal experience. Yet, this experience, this humor, ties you to others, far more than it separates you.



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