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Songs to Invoke Perseverance

Episode 2
Songs to Invoke Perseverance

Experience the Journey

In Latin, the word "per" means "through", and the word "severus" means "grave" and "serious". These words were fused into the Latin verb "perseverare", which means to persevere. Naturally, this is where we derive the English term.

Such terminology has persevered through centuries, though its use has rapidly declined in about the last hundred and fifty years. Through grave and serious times, a word itself can last and maintain, much as we can, through our own grave and serious times.

If a word can endure the notable horrors of history, to come down to us relatively whole, needing only a slight dusting to be presentable, then, really, what are our issues in comparison? In contrast, words don't need coping mechanisms. They don't need hope. Nor do they feel pain, or wallow in misery, or rise through the chest with thumping joy at the sight of something gallant. But, we do. We persevere, because we must. So, what are the alternatives?

To not persevere is to stall, to stop, to halt, to end. In order to move forward in life, to grow and become something more than what you are now, you must persevere. You must glide through the changes, roll with the punches, and other assorted clichés.

Winston Churchill said it right, "If you are going through hell, keep going."

You cannot achieve anything great in life, perhaps not even anything mediocre, without having travelled through hell of your own, without having risen to a challenge you didn't think you could meet, without having beaten your way back from what you perceived as the final, ultimate defeat. There's a reason it's called a low point, because other points, other days, other times rise above it.

They persevere, and so should you.

Never comprise your will to survive, as you sow the terms of your life with the fabric of your destiny.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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