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Songs to Invoke Christmas 2

Episode 30
Songs to Invoke Christmas 2

Experience the Journey

Once again, the leaves have changed, the weather has turned colder, and the season of celebration has arrived. Our current state of affairs shows us that individually living an ideal is only part of the story.

There must be more.

The kind of spirit which makes itself available en masse, during this season, is a special, recurring gift to humanity. So, take that ideal, and the best part of yourself, the one you have spent throughout the year building into an empire of Self, and push it forward.

Share it with the world. Let your ideal bring others closer to their own ideal. It is easier than you think.

You can do this.

And, if for some reason you find that you cannot, then celebrate anyway, because you can try again every year.

Take a hard look at yourself. Have you made the effort over this year to bring joy to someone other than yourself? This season is not meant only for the enrichment of gifts, the relishing of a feast, or the calming twinkle of a multitude of fairy lights.

This season, especially within this year, is a time for the decompression of reflection — a time for you to take the beauty, the trauma, the love, and the fear of which you felt this past year, and turn the lesson outward.

To live is not merely to subsist in abstention from the world, until the world passes you by. This season should be a sterling reminder for you to renew hope as the universal truth of enrichment.

Life is not meant to muddle through alone, and if you find yourself feeling somewhat disconnected from both the world around you, and for those whom you love, then give thanks for the once-a-year bounty that is this season.

There is always a miracle waiting, even though not all miracles are what you may expect to receive, at the moment of reception.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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