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Songs to Invoke Revolution 3

Episode 35
Songs to Invoke Revolution 3

Experience the Journey

Sometimes it is all to easy to forget that the world really is revolving around you. Revolutions come, and they go. You are still here, with the arc of the future bending so far off in the distance, all you can see is the flat line of the horizon ahead. But, some revolutions never go, and they grow.

I am talking about a revolution of the mind. There is a common disconnect in the minds of many, that some separation exists betweenย  the mind and the body. That somehow, these two things are disparate and functionally distinct.

This is not so.

There is no mind without the body, and without a mind within that body, the body has lost everything which makes a body worth having. Awaken yourself to truth. Your body is the tool of your mind. Your mind is where a revolution comes, and if you're ready, where it will stay.

The calling for revolution starts now.

Look around yourself, at your friends, your family, your job, your nation, and ask yourself: am I just here, revolving in convenient circles, or am I the centrifugal force behind a sling, ready to take down a giant? Ask yourself: am I a revolution?

If the answer is yes, then you have work to do. If the answer is no, then still you have work to do.

Revolution carries on. We must focus on our minds, on the revolution of self. Without the turnings of that revolution of self, the force necessary to spin the betterment of mankind remains inert and stalled.

The journey to the better self is the greatest gift you can give back to the world, which sustained you to this point. This revolution, no matter how forcefully prosecuted cannot be resolved, and it cannot be completed. The revolution of self has no end, because there is always a direction to pursue.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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