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Songs to Invoke Sex

Episode 7
Songs to Invoke Sex


Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service and has agreements with various collecting societies around the world. Royalties are paid to collecting societies, who in turn pay out to the appropriate labels and artists based on their individual recording and publishing deals.

In America, Mixcloud has blanket music licences with SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

These licences stipulate certain rules around how you can listen to a service like Mixcloud:

  • You cannot scrub or rewind backwards within a show, only forward.

As music lovers ourselves, we understand that this may be frustrating at times, and we hope that in the future the rules will evolve to be more open to new types of services like Mixcloud.

In the meantime, Mixcloud is committed to providing a fully licensed and legal service, so you can continue to discover and buy new music through listening to DJ mixes and radio shows.



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