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Songs to Invoke Sex

Episode 7
Songs to Invoke Sex

Experience the Journey

Let's talk about sex.

Sex is integral to our experience as human beings. Whether we dive head first into sex with eyes wide open, or huddle in the corner alone, we cannot escape the effects of a sexual experience. Sex created us, sex shapes us, sex often defines us, and for many, sex liberates. Sadly, for others sex is a chain, both in the sense of gender and of pleasure. Still, others abstain from sexual pleasure, deny its influence, and yet, even they are not utterly free of it.

Sex and the desire of it, sex and the nature of it, sex and the being of it, are fundamental concepts of life. The cycle of creation and destruction spins our existence, from the birth of suns and planets, to species and races, sex is a microcosm of life. A little piece of heaven, as it were.



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