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Songs to Invoke Rain

Episode 5
Songs to Invoke Rain

Experience the Journey

Does rain quench your spirit? Are you content by the function of your umbrella? Are you more than what you see, or are you just drowning in the sea?

By whatever means you wade in the puddles bred from rain drops, whether sheltered by your umbrella, or fashioned by your sombrero, rain should be nothing more than what you chose to thirst. Let each entropic drop, each soothing, musical plink offer the very thing you need in that moment. Even if what you need is to fear the thunder, always remember that for all its fury, the thunder is not the lightning, for its voice is fleeting. So, with the rain, it comes, and it goes; it ebbs, and it flows. As such, you should absorb the wisdom of the rain.

Rain falls. Yet, it does not break. Rather, it builds upon itself, and adapts to circumstance. It drops from whole to whole, always exploring a path to stream. This is the lesson of the rain. One drop in the storm, much the same as any other. Itself a thing apart, full of potential to fall, overflowing with spectacular intention, but never alone as it may seem.

There are times where people fall into holes, and they lose sight of their purpose of being whole. You don't need to walk on water, but you don't need to drown either. It's okay to just float, until the next boat arrives to row you to the next wave of life.

Like so much else in life, each drop of rain has an inherent value. By whatever means you define rain, remember to dry the violence of the storm, and swim in the beauty of the cycle.

Your emotions need not be some mystical thing. They need not be an angry force of nature, misunderstood, a thing apart, keeping you huddled in your shelter, as you wait out the storm. Embrace the uncertainty of the long fall, and relish the taste to rise again. When the dark clouds burst, do not be saddened by the coming rain. Instead, live for it. This is your one and only life, and unlike the rain, you may not get another chance at the cycle.

Embrace the rain, as you embrace yourself.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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