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Songs to Invoke Love 2

Episode 26
Songs to Invoke Love 2

Experience the Journey

Some of the most wonderful things about life are not just abstract, but often demonstrably unattainable. Yet, there is love. It is often said, one of the best things in life is love, and it remains understandably free. However, love is not easy, though it can be one-sided.

This is part of the vagary of love, and a source of its greatest pain: love that is unrequited, love that is not returned.

Love is worth the roller coaster ride, and it is worth the possible pain. Even when you find yourself going back again, and again, and again, feeling as though you are getting cut up each time – remind yourself why love is important.

Love is the best antidote to the painful, unpleasant, miserable, and horrible times and tribulations which life, the world, and other people may send your way.



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