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Songs to Invoke Love

Episode 6
Songs to Invoke Love

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It's all you need, apparently. But, sometimes, it just isn't enough. Everyone wants more of it. Everyone needs some of it. Yet, absolutely no one understands it the same way.

So, how do you love?

Poets, singers, dancers, even scientists have been expressing their love in imitable fashions since people began pressing words into clay tablets in Mesopotamia. The long gone human who left a handprint in a painting in a cave in France thousands of years ago, would have known what love is. But, even that person probably could not have explained it to you, to their lover, to themselves.

This is where the music comes in.

The magic of the melody and lyrics often gives more than the sum of its parts ever should. A purer distillation of love than either alone. It is music which functions as the stronger carrier wave for love, more than gift cards, metaphors, flowers, social media posts, presents, or photographs. As strong as the touch of a warm hand and a soft lip, there is nothing like music to transmit the idea of love between people, who perhaps have different definitions of the fundamental idea we all know.

Perhaps love is universal.

At least in the universe which belongs exclusively to humanity, where everything is more complicated than it seems, even when said only with emoji.

With all the professions of love given over the centuries, the struggle of presenting love as somehow new - in the moment, powerful - is only insurmountable when love is not present. When it is, there are no boundaries. That is what all the songs say.

That is what I say.

Love is love.



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