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Songs to Invoke Happiness

Episode 3
Songs to Invoke Happiness

Guest Performers

  • His Royal Highness Prince Emanuele Filiberto

    Crown Prince of Italy and Grandson of Umberto II, the Last King of Italy

    HRH Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice is an Italian television personality, a member of the House of Savoy, and the son and heir of Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples. He is the only male-line grandson of Umberto II, the last King of Italy.


  • Tito Puente Jr.

    Musician and Bandleader

    Tito Puente Jr. is a bandleader. He is the son of legendary mambo musician Tito Puente and the brother of local New York City meteorologist Audrey Puente. Puente Jr. carries on his father's legacy.


  • Yolanda Franklin-Moore

    Fashion Designer and Owner, Xande Fadee

    Yolanda Franklin-Moore is Fashion Designer and Owner of Xande Fadee, an innovative fashion and accessories line. She is a highly skilled fashion designer with a creative flare, and she has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.


Preview Performers

  • Almighty Jahwel

    Member, Son of Bazerk and No Self Control

    Son of Bazerk and No Self Control is an American hip-hop group consisting of Son of Bazerk, Almighty Jahwel, and ½ Pint. The group was formed by Hank Shocklee, a member of the production team Bomb Squad.


  • Jordon Lindsay


    Jordon Lindsay is a child actor, who starred in the feature film "Where Hearts Lie" (2016), where he played the role of Cristian.




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