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Songs to Invoke Fear

Episode 39
Songs to Invoke Fear

Experience the Journey

Fear is a novel concept that calls for excavation. Although the foundation of fear itself is bore from human emotion, its heightened sense of elevation can be attributed to the construct of imaginative contemplation. Mapping the destination of one's mind is an overwhelming task, and one must be mindful of direction.

Fear is a compass, a guide to somewhere more than nowhere, and nothing less than something. Yet, without it, humans would neither be the creatures we are, nor the species we perceive ourselves to be.

It must be remarked that fear cannot wholly be negative, and might in some fact not be inherently negative at all, despite the predominance of negativity which surrounds the subject matter. To think about fear is to worry, obsess, and fret. So, don't fritter your life away in emotional regret.

Don't look down.

As the most fearful night of the year arrives and passes, allow the thrill of the moment a chance to dwell within you. Fear can capture you, paralyze you, and hold you still, seemingly against your will. But, if you embrace fear, you may master fear. You just might survive the fear of the moment.

Even if you have never been gripped by perceived danger or threat, you understand the anxiety of the expectations, opinions, and judgments of others. We all know this fear, and we all celebrate it year after year.

It is precisely this fact which can allow you to reconstruct the fear of imposed judgments, and rather than live in terror of it, find yourself vindicated by it. Let fear select what you must leave behind, if you are to rise above it all.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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