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Songs to Invoke Ego

Episode 10
Songs to Invoke Ego

Experience the Journey

Who are you? Are you the things in which you believe? The days of your life? The wide opening of your future?

Consider for a moment that you are all of these things. A wholly contained self, writhing with potential and baggage, dreams and doubts, hope and terror. If you are not these things, then really, who are you?

Everyone has an ego, a sense of self, a definition of composites that translate into you being whole. That is ego.

However, ego must be balanced. It cannot only be an assemblage of pieces of which you turn outward to face the world. Ego must be reflective of more than just yourself, but also your place in the world.

No one is an island. No one exists in a vacuum alone, even if it sometimes feels that way. Ego cannot be taken as just the expression of self, in such an island or vacuum, but as the place where self meets the world beyond.



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