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Songs to Invoke Dreams

Episode 36
Songs to Invoke Dreams

Experience the Journey

Somewhere in your journey, perhaps your dreams may have been pushed aside, and left to percolate in some forgotten corner of your mind. You have likely been encouraged by people in your past — as well as your present — to continue this sidelining of dreams within you.

I implore you to consider that a dream deferred need not be deterred, nor denied. The primary voice with authority to dictate your dreams is your own. So, mute the murmurs of others, and let the crescendo of your awakening muffle their decibels into incoherentness.

Think back to yourself as a child. Re-inhabit that simpler world view for a moment, and allow yourself to regain the stronger perspective that your daydreams had back then. Now turn that perspective forward, inculcate your dreams, and lead those dreams towards reality.

It is no easy thing, to ponder your dreams, to hold them up to the light of possibility and the long shade of failure, to incubate a hope and be forced to contemplate its devastation.

But, you must do this. It is the only way to visualize a dream fulfilled, and to season the sweetness of its taste.

Day to day, and year to year, you have become the person you are now. If that person is everything you wish to be, you have my sympathy. Everyone should constantly nurture dreams. Even as other dreams fail, as some few succeed, is it one of the most miraculous gifts humans are given: to create more dreams.

Hold your dreams close, but high, even those which you have failed to realize — those long-buried remnants of your past self, the legacy of your childhood imagination. You cannot continue your journey and allow the changes required to realize the next step in your personal evolution, if you hold your dreams captive.

Dreams made prisoner will eventually become jailers instead. You are too vital to existence to be the architect of your own imprisonment. So, free your dreams, and free yourself. A dream freed can be redefined, even if it was prone to failure. You control your dreams. No one else has power over them, save what you give them.

Acceptance of your dreams, both past and future, successes and failures, will liberate your self-esteem, and empower you to expand the universe of your journey. As the weather breaks and clears the clouds of doubt, shame, fear, and trepidation, you will then accept this simple truth:

You are your dreams, and they are you. There are no limits to your dreams, except you.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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