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Songs to Invoke Dialogue

Episode 19
Songs to Invoke Dialogue

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Let's have a dialogue. In case you are unaware of the factual meaning of the word, dialogue means "a talk between two or more people", which comes from the Greek "dialogos".

Though it might be convenient to believe part of the word is rooted in the prefix "di-", and thus meaning two, it is not so. A dialogue is conversation through speech. Whether the speech comes from a mouth, or the written word, a song, or something more nebulous, like a painting or a dance – it is always a conversation between people.

The ways in which we communicate are all forms of dialogue. All manners of expression of meaning encoded within some medium intended to be processed by others. Though this seems simple enough, you should always remember most things are done with the intention to be in some way communicated, not to yourself, but to others. Your entire life is a series of dialogues between yourself and others.



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