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Songs to Invoke Christmas 4

Episode 41
Songs to Invoke Christmas 4

Experience the Journey

Christmas is a wondrous time of year. The joy of celebrating with family and friends is always an endearing moment in life. So, take the time to cherish those who you recognize as being most dear, because this time can be considered the highlight of the year.

There is much excitement to be explored, while dashing through the snow, counting snowflakes everywhere you go. As you await Santa Claus to arrive past the midnight hour, time is the present that you give to yourself, to pause and deliberate on what it means to be in this life.

There is a definitive reason for the season. But, for at least this moment — in all logical reasoning — you and I are here. So, let us make the most of this moment together. A simple kiss under mistletoe seals the deal to reveal the hope of tomorrow, a welcoming threshold to a new year.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to embrace Christmas with loved ones. For some, Christmas can be marked by loneliness and scarred with blatant despair. Keep them in your thoughts. Remember them in your prayers.

Every year, we celebrate a season, but every day we should celebrate ourselves. Uplift and rejoice. The Yule log symbolizes the battle between good and evil, so let it burn bright in your heart and illuminate your soul. Let its ashes be the triumph for all herald angels to sing.

As you carol through the night, know that you are harmonious in your own song. In your own battle cry, the hymn need not to ask you why, for the light within you personifies the dawn.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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