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Almighty Jahwel

Member, Son of Bazerk and No Self Control
Almighty Jahwel — Photo Credit: Shefik

Photo Credit: Shefik

Son of Bazerk and No Self Control is an American hip-hop group consisting of Son of Bazerk, Almighty Jahwel, and ½ Pint. The group was formed by Hank Shocklee, a member of the production team Bomb Squad.

The band formed in the mid-1980s, originally as Townhouse 3 with Son of Bazerk, Almighty Jahwel, and Daddy Rawe, after coming to the attention of Hank Shocklee, member of the Bomb Squad, who produced early Public Enemy albums. They chose the name Son of Bazerk with the addition of ½ Pint, the first hype/MC female. The group released a debut album in 1991 called "Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk", credited to Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the Band, which was fully produced by the Bomb Squad. The album was critically acclaimed, but was far from a huge commercial success.

Almost 20 years later, the group reunited and released an album produced by DJ Johnny Juice, called "Well Thawed Out" on Chuck D's label Slam Jamz. That comeback was praised by some media, such as The Village Voice and Time Out. They were on the historical Hip Hop Gods Tour in 2013 and are currently working on another album. Jahwel and ½ Pint have a web show on that airs every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET and Jahwel's solo project "POPSMASH" on Slamjamz will be debuting soon.

Last Updated: January 12, 2018