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Dr. Laurén Laurino

Board-Certified Naturopath and Holistic Health Advocate, Dr. Ren Recommends
Dr. Laurén Laurino — Photo Credit: Shefik

Photo Credit: Shefik

Dr. Laurén Laurino, lovingly known as "Dr. Ren, America's Holistic Sweetheart", is a board certified naturopath through the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She is a multiple best-selling Amazon author and award-winning holistic health advocate. She is the host of Think Healthy with Dr. Ren, an IMDb listed holistic lifestyle show that has been airing on public access television since 2014. She has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show multiple times, and she even has an invitation to the White House on her holistic resume. As the CEO and Founder of Dr. Ren Recommends, a community owned holistic lifestyle platform, her mission is to educate and empower people to live a more balanced life.

Dr. Ren has been published and featured in many health magazines, documentaries, conferences, television, and radio shows and is on a path toward becoming one of the leading self-help authorities of her generation. She attributes much of her public recognition and success to a small paragraph written about her as an alumni in the 2014 Union County College newspaper, The Voice. This was a catalyst for her nominee and receipt of the 2014 American Naturopathic Medical Associations Higher Achievement Award, a California State Senate Award, her nomination as a Dr. Oz Local Health Hero, USA Hometown Hero, and attendance at the White House as a Champion of Change nominee for President Obama's Precision Medical Initiative in July of 2015. Her plans are to go BIG and go OHM this lifetime around!

Last Updated: April 6, 2020

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