BookTrib's Bites: A Potpourri of Great Reads

BookTrib's Bites: A Potpourri of Great Reads


Good Grief -- A Journey from Loss to Love"Good Grief -- A Journey from Loss to Love"
by Valerie D. Swinton and Fred J. Kirby Jr. 

If you lost a loved one to death and wonder how, when, or even if you should move forward, then this book just might help you. The authors of this book each lost lovely, wonderful spouses to long illnesses after lengthy marriages. Their spouses encouraged them to continue living and to find another mate. Even in tragedy, grace helped them to discover purpose and rediscover who they were individually.

New circumstances require adjustments, continued growth, and constant struggle, but strong faith in God conquers all. Don't rush through the grieving process. With stories from the authors and others who have lost a spouse, you may find there is hope in new beginnings. Purchase at

The Reunion Bomber"The Reunion Bomber"
by Bill Flynn 

Former FBI agent Ronan Ryan returns to Eastboro to attend the reunion of his high school class. A celebration with his basketball teammates and a pleasant encounter with his first love is interrupted by a violent act of vengeance. The reunion restaurant becomes a crime scene, but the killer's work is not finished. His other targets are all members of Ronan's class, including his high school sweetheart and his friend, the Eastboro Chief of Police.

They join with a jailed computer hacker to try to find the deranged but clever garage dweller who methodically wreaks terror on the classmates of his past. The reunion ends in 48 tense hours after the bomber makes his final detonation. Purchase at

Distressed? Anguished? Heal Your BMind"Distressed? Anguished? Heal Your BMind"
by Jacob Gonik 

For nearly 30 years, Jacob Gonik has successfully treated anxiety, stress, fears, traumatic obesity, depression, and other mental disorders in an average of 10 sessions thanks to his "Heal Your BMind" Concept. It is based on a new approach: Your mind has just two parts: an Intellectual part (IMind) and a Behavioral part (BMind).

Psychological problems are not embedded in your personality; they all reside in your BMind in the form of programs. The BMind works like a computer or smartphone app. When you enter ZETA, a BMind relaxing state, all harmful programs can be identified and healed! Self-ZETA is a mentalization process that anyone can use to modify habits and control stress, anxiety, insomnia, fears, and more. Purchase at

You're Kidding, Right?"You're Kidding, Right?"
by Brad Goldfarb 

This book is based on 30 actual questions that retired financial advisor Brad Goldfarb received from clients where the only possible response was, "You're kidding, right?" The common thread behind these questions: they seemed to come from clients' emotions and not necessarily rational thinking. Goldbarb knew he could simplify complicated analytical techniques so every investor could easily understand them, avoid mistakes and apply them to their own strategy.

This book was not written to offer specific advice to investors. It was not written with the idea of do-it-yourself. It was written to educate and enlighten investors to allow them to work more collaboratively with their financial advisors, especially during downturns and turmoil in the financial markets. Purchase at

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