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Thieves in the Temple

"Thieves in the Temple" is a song by American musician Prince from the 1990 soundtrack album, Graffiti Bridge. Added at the last minute, it was the final song recorded for the album. "Thieves in the Temple" topped the US R&B chart and became a number six hit in the US, and a number seven hit in the UK. The single also peaked at number 9 on the dance chart.

The track has a unique sound, starting quietly with echoed keyboards and vocals before the main section of the song booms in with a pulsating synth bass, syncopated drum machines, Middle Eastern melodies and opera-like layered vocals. Prince also samples a harmonica solo from a recording by The Chambers Brothers. The vocals are emotional, and accuse the subject of rejecting Prince and lying to him. The "temple" in the title recalls the ever-present spirituality in many of Prince's songs. The maxi single contains extended lyrics that continue the theme before diverging into more dance-oriented material.

The maxi single also contains a Junior Vasquez remix called "Thieves in the House", which is distinctly more dance-oriented. It also contains samples from earlier Prince songs "Eye No" and "Batdance", as well as a dub version of the house track. The music video for the song was pulled from the film, but an extended video exists which mirrors the extended remix.

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