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Tender Love

"Tender Love" is a song by Force MDs from their second album Chillin' (1985). Written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the tune appeared in the film Krush Groove (1985), and was featured on the film's soundtrack.

Although primarily known as a pre-new jack swing/old school hip hop band, the Force MDs introduced themselves to a whole new audience with this song. Not only did the song reach number 4 on the R&B charts (where the group had already amassed a steady string of minor hits), but it also became a crossover hit, cracking the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1986, becoming the group's only single to date to break the Pop top 40. On the Adult Contemporary chart, the song peaked at number 2. The song was also a hit in the United Kingdom, reaching number 23 in the UK Singles Chart. The tune was a major contributing factor to Jam & Lewis' winning a Grammy Award for Producer of the Year in 1986.

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