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"Superwoman" is a song by R&B singer Karyn White. The song was released from her self-titled debut album in January 1989. It was her second U.S. top ten hit, peaking at number eight and her second U.S. R&B number-one hit.

In 1991, the song was remade by Gladys Knight, with help from Patti LaBelle and Dionne Warwick, and it was featured on her album Good Woman. Norman Cheung and Faye Wong also released a cover version of "Superwoman" entitled "Because of Him" on her 1990 album You're the Only One. In 1998, Filipino singer Jenine Desiderio sang its song in a Filipino rendition, "Hindi ako si Darna" through her album, "Jenine". Malaysian Singer Gary Chaw had a Mandarin cover version, also named Superwoman, on his first album Blue in 2006.

The song was covered by Malaysian Idol season 1 winner Jaclyn Victor in 2006 on her second album, Inilah Jac. Heather Headley also covered it in her mini concert. It is often covered in Chinese and Taiwanese singing competitions, notably Janice Yan and Jeanie Lee.

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