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"Anger" is a 1979 single released by singer Marvin Gaye recorded in 1978 for the album, Here, My Dear. The song was issued in 1979 as a single in Canada but failed to chart there. The song discussed mental anguish and pain over bitterness and talks specifically of angry confrontation, in Gaye's case, not only with his wife but with various other friends and family members. Marvin then tells his audience that someday soon he'll try to live his life Christian-like with the lyric Someday soon I'll hope and pray like Jesus/I'll reach that wiser age/hope I will learn I never profit from things I do in rage. The singer then states that when anger reaches its boiling point and then climaxes, he realizes that he's lost in love. Though it doesn't reference his marriage to Anna Gaye, who is the antagonist throughout the majority of this album, the couple in the song dealt with similar issues as faced in his real-life marriage.

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