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Siedah Garrett Performs the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden

- Hey, Siedah Garrett here at the world famous Madison Square Garden supporting the WNBA who is giving a game today for Autism Awareness Day here at Madison Square Garden. I sang the national anthem and I'm here with a sea of turquoise T-shirts supporting Nassan's Place. It's been a great day and we had a fabulous time.

- [Man] USA!

- [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to remain standing and remove your hats for the performing of the national anthem. Please welcome the Academy Award-winning and two-time Oscar nominated singer and song writer to our place, Siedah Garrett. ♫ Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ♫ What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's ♫ Last gleaming. ♫ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♫ Through the perilous fight. ♫ O'er the ramparts we watched ♫ Were so gallantly streaming ♫ And the rockets' red glare ♫ The bombs bursting in air ♫ Gave proof through the night ♫ That our flag was still there ♫ Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♫ O'er the land of the free ♫ And the home of the brave.

- [Announcer] Siedah! Absolutely beautiful--