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Not Changing That for Anyone

Author Larry Boatright, also known as M.C. El Bee in the hip-hop community, talks about the birth and propagation of hip-hop in the 1970s and 1980s in his biography "A Gangsta'z Tale Hip-Hop In Da '70s: Invisible Legends of Hip-Hop". The book is an honest depiction of the birth of a cultural and musical phenomenon. It is published and available through Xlibris.

Music, as it is known today, will not be as captivating and unique without the numerous contributions of many hip-hop artists. Boatright’s "A Gangsta'z Tale Hip-Hop In Da '70s: Invisible Legends of Hip-Hop" is a straightforward telling of the story of hip-hop, a phenomenon that has changed how people perceive music and popular culture. With stories educating readers of the birth of hip-hop and its rise in popularity, the author shares how he, together with other inner-city kids, helped in preserving and spreading the music they cultivated and loved.

The book tells all, including the dangers they faced and the risks they took in order to maintain their relationship with the phenomenon known as hip-hop.

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