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Get Here

"Get Here" is a pop ballad written by American singer/songwriter Brenda Russell: the title track of her 1988 album Get Here, it became a moderate hit on the Billboard R&B chart. In 1990 American vocalist Oleta Adams recorded the song which became a major international hit, reaching the Top 5 in the UK Adams' version of "Get Here", co-produced by Roland Orzabal from the band Tears for Fears, became her signature song.

Brenda Russell had written the song while staying at a penthouse in Stockholm: the tune came to her as she viewed some hot air balloons floating over the city, a sight Russell recalls set her "really tripping on how many ways you can get to a person" (the eventual song's lyrics include the line: "You can make it in a big balloon but you'd better make it soon"). Although Russell did not pursue the musical ideas that came to her as her current record label saw her as a dance artist and she thought would not be interested in a song such as the one which became "Get Here", the song was still in the singer's mind when she woke up the next day: "I don’t read or write music [therefore] it’s extraordinary if a song is still in my head that I haven’t jotted down or recorded. So if it’s still in my head overnight, I think that’s something extra special, it’s like somebody trying to tell me something." Russell recorded the song as the title cut of her 1988 album from which it was issued as a single - the album's third - reaching #37 on the Billboard R&B charts.

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