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Rachel Lorin

Recording Artist
Rachel Lorin — Photo Credit: Shefik

Photo Credit: Shefik

Rachel Lorin is singer/screamer/songwriter/dancer/actress and model originally from Atlanta, Georgia, currently living in New York City. She performs regularly at various venues in New York City and across the United States. She began her career at the age of 12, when she was selected out of a group of several thousand kids to sing the national anthem at the US Open in New York. From there, she became the youngest cast member in the world premiere of Disney's "High School Musical" 1 and 2 stage productions.

In 2012, she starred on "The Next Big Thing: NY", a reality show based on the careers of young singers. The show aired nationally on both Oxygen and E! networks in the United States and on various networks across the world. The highly successful show helped launch Rachel's large and ever-growing international fan base. Her musical style is rock with a bit of a European pop flair. Her shows vary from stripped down acoustic vocal performances to explosive choreographed stage shows.

Rachel has also worked with various known producers and co-writers and is currently working with Pat Gasperini of Pound, Four By Fate & Flywheel, Earl Cohen, multi-Grammy winner Tony Harnell (lead singer of the rock band TNT and Skid Row), Stefan Altzar and Aleena Gibson from Sweden, and Robert Venable (formerly of Evanescence).

Rachel started her music career as a pop/dance artist, as she is an avid dancer, but has moved over to her true love-rock. She has a large multi-octave voice and enjoys writing and performing music that allows her to showcase her range and versatility. She is currently working on new music incorporating her new sound with her band. Band members include Acey Slade on bass (formerly of Joan Jett, Misfits, Dope, and Murder Dolls), J Bomb on drums, and Jaster Leon on guitar, alongside Angelo Fariello on guitar.

Rachel's modeling and acting career was successful, and she has appeared in numerous national commercials, runway work, and print ads, as well as starring in a couple of films, but she put it all to the side to focus on her passion - music.