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Patricia Esposito

Miss New Jersey Teen 2017 (USA National Miss)
Patricia Esposito — Photo Credit: Shefik

Photo Credit: Shefik

Patricia Esposito is a sixteen-year-old high honor roll student currently enrolled in Sayreville War Memorial High School. Her academic achievements secured her a spot among the top three percent of the high school's ranking. Patricia is involved in many school clubs where she holds various board positions: Do the Right Thing (Founder and President), DECA (Vice-President), TIGS (Recording Secretary), Math Competition Team, Debate Club, and the International Society. She has, too, been inducted into the Spanish Honor Society and the very elite National Honor Society. Recently she was chosen to be a member of a prestigious group of Peer Leaders, who dedicate their time to mentor the freshmen in high school and serve as role models. Since joining high school, Patricia made school history by becoming the first freshman reaching a perfect score in state level DECA/Human Resources Management competition and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Board of Education for her achievement. She firmly believes that with hard work, determination, and commitment one can reach any goal they set for themselves.

At the age of fifteen, Patricia established her own organization, Do the Right Thing (DTRT) with over 50 members currently and actively growing. Do the Right Thing promotes young adolescents getting involved in their communities, by completing acts of kindness. The official message of this organization is "Together We Can..." Patricia relies on those who want to make a positive impact on the community and is a strong believer in teamwork. She hopes to encourage all to work together regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs. The core principle of her organization is that doing the right thing is not only an after school activity, rather a lifestyle. Patricia wants to make an impact on this generation and implement a simple life motto: Work Hard, Do the Right Thing, and Never Give Up on Your Dreams.

Patricia has been involved in pageantry since the age of eight and has held many titles throughout the years in various systems: Cinderella Pageant, NJ Ambassador Pageant, American Co-ed Pageant, Nationals Inc., and Cities of Americas.

Patricia's most recent and closest to her heart was the success of securing the title of USA National Miss New Jersey Teen 2017. She is a proud titleholder who will be representing the state of New Jersey in the national completion in Florida in Summer 2017. She firmly believes in promoting the anti-bulling platform, Crown Cares, the USA National Miss system so strongly supports. Being part of the USA National Miss family has given her an opportunity to raise recognition of importance of giving back to community and to help those who are in need.

In her free time, Patricia enjoys reading, bike riding, traveling, kickboxing, and spending time with her friends. She loves to listen to the music of her favorite singer, the fabulous and talented Adam Lambert. She adores and cherishes her time with her four-legged companion, Yorkshire Terrier, named Spencer Reed. In the future, she hopes to become a successful litigator.

As Patricia aspires to make a positive change in the world, she hopes to affect others in doing the same and as Albert Einstein once said, "Be a voice not an echo."

Last Updated: July 12, 2018

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