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Barry Lyon

Recording Artist
Barry Lyon

Barry Lyon is a singer-songwriter. He co-wrote "Let Them Know We Care" with Michael Ohara (Anita Baker). He also worked on various projects with actor, voice artist, singer, and songwriter Scott Grimes (American Dad) and composer Greg O'Connor (MADtv). Lyon has also worked with Dionne Warwick, Ava Cherry, Andy Williams, and other recording artists, as well as being mentored by his friend Luther Vandross. 

Lyon was formerly managed by Tony Jones and Suzanne de Passe, who introduced him to composer and recording artist William Goldstein. After meeting Maya Angelou, Lyon was inspired to write something positive about his amazing experience, and brought his idea to Goldstein. The result was a collaboration that resulted in "Who I Am Inside". This song seems to always affect people in a positive and reflective way. They are proud to make this inspiring song available and truly hope it will make a positive difference in people's lives.