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Songs to Invoke Revolution 2

Episode 25
Songs to Invoke Revolution 2

Experience the Journey

A revolution can mean many things. A person who looks up at a cliff and decides to climb it, with their bare hands. A group of protestors stare down tanks, with nothing but resolve and courage. By themselves, these underdogs likely had no idea of the ripples their actions would cause, of the turnings they would then set in motion, and the revolution they would ultimately undergo.

Some of them, as many who find themselves at the forefront of a revolution, lost their very lives before their revolution began. Whereas, others started the entire world down a different path. Their creativity, their self-acceptance, their brilliance — this kind of non-conformist confidence has the power, not just to raise a person up, but to change the planet. It has the power to start trends, to build life-changing devices, to promote new understandings, to heal the divides between communities.

All this, because people, like you, choose to be different, choose to be true to yourself, and choose to be a revolution of one.

Guest Performers

  • Literature AJ Woodson

    Editor-in-Chief, Black Westchester

    AJ Woodson is Editor-In-Chief at Black Westchester and Co-Owner at Urban Soul Media Group, the parent company. He is a father, author, writer, rapper, radio personality, hip-hop historian, and a freelance journalist.


  • Art Michael Alig

    Artist and Party Promoter

    Michael Alig is an artist and party promoter, who served almost 17 years in prison for manslaughter. He was a co-founder and ringleader of the Club Kids, a group of New York City clubgoers that became a cultural phenomenon during the 1980s and 1990s.


  • Music Mr. Every Day

    CEO, Past Life Entertainment

    Mr. Every Day came into the world by way of a Cherokee Indian mother and a Bahamian father. At the age of three, Every Day toured with Stevie Wonder and his godfather Gil Scott-Heron, who was the first recording artist signed by Clive Davis.


  • Music Sarah Dash

    Member, Labelle and Member, Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles

    Sarah Dash's first notable appearance was as a member of Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles. Dash has had a full career, moving from singer, to songwriter and session musician for famous bands that include Labelle, The Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards.


Preview Performers

  • Theatre Carl Clay

    Founder and Executive Producer, Black Spectrum Theatre Company

    Recognized and awarded as a multi-discipline force, Carl Clay has produced over 350 plays, trained over 2000 actors, and has written and directed 25 films aimed at urban youth. He has produced over 40 jazz concerts.




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