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Songs to Invoke Love 2

Episode 26
Songs to Invoke Love 2

Experience the Journey

Some of the most wonderful things about life are not just abstract, but often demonstrably unattainable. Yet, there is love. It is often said, one of the best things in life is love, and it remains understandably free. However, love is not easy, though it can be one-sided.

This is part of the vagary of love, and a source of its greatest pain: love that is unrequited, love that is not returned.

Love is worth the roller coaster ride, and it is worth the possible pain. Even when you find yourself going back again, and again, and again, feeling as though you are getting cut up each time – remind yourself why love is important.

Love is the best antidote to the painful, unpleasant, miserable, and horrible times and tribulations which life, the world, and other people may send your way.

Guest Performers

  • Music Chris Jasper

    Member, The Isley Brothers (1973-1983) and Member, Isley-Jasper-Isley (1984-1987)

    Chris Jasper is a former member of The Isley Brothers and Isley-Jasper-Isley, and is responsible for writing and producing the majority of The Isley Brothers music and Isley-Jasper-Isley music. He is also an Inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


  • Music Freddie Jackson

    Recording Artist

    Freddie Jackson is an American soul singer. Among his well-known hits are "Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)", "Have You Ever Loved Somebody", "Jam Tonight", "Do Me Again", and "You Are My Lady".


  • Music Lachandra

    Recording Artist and Owner, Posh by LaChandra

    Lachandra is a recording artist and owner of the beauty salon Posh by Lachandra, located in New York City. In the late 1980s, Lachandra released the song "Just Started", produced by the house music group Blaze.


  • Music Tony Terry

    Recording Artist and Actor

    Tony Terry has numerous Billboard top hits within his repertoire from the late 1980s, early 1990s, and today, including his world-renowned hit, "With You". He is also an achieved actor and activist championing for social and family health issues.


Preview Performers

  • Music Paul Laurence

    Recording Artist and Multi-Platinum Producer

    Paul Laurence is an American multi-platinum songwriter, producer, and keyboardist. He had several number one R&B hits, including Freddie Jackson's "Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)", "Jam Tonight", "Tasty Love,", "Hey Lover", and "Do Me Again".


  • Music Quindon Tarver

    Recording Artist

    Quindon Tarver is an American singer. He is best known for his cover of Prince's "When Doves Cry" for the 1996 film "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet".




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