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Songs to Invoke Friendship

Episode 14
Songs to Invoke Friendship

Experience the Journey

The art of being a good friend is both subtle and overt. You all know how to be a good friend. In fact, I am certain of it. However, this does not mean you succeed all the time. Friends fail. It happens.

Friendship must include both the success and failures between friends. It cannot be limited solely to the good times, to the exclusion of the bad. If you demand this of your friends, then you are requiring something which you cannot yourself achieve.

To honor your friends, you should make friendship a priority as primary as love, family, personal growth, and self-esteem, simply because these things are really facets of the same delicate treasure of our humanity. As social creatures, we thrive upon the connections we develop with our friends. If you want to know the true measure of a person, then evaluate the people whom the person chooses to keep as friends.

We are, of course, ourselves. But, so much of the definition of that self is interconnected with our friends, as defined by our friendships. So, hold your friendships dear. Sustain your friendships, and be sustained in return.

Guest Performers

  • Music Billy Sherwood

    Bassist, YES and Bassist, Asia

    Billy Sherwood is a musician, record producer, and engineer. He is mostly known for his time as a member of progressive rock band YES, including for their albums, "Open Your Eyes" (1997) and "The Ladder" (1999). He is also a member of the band Asia.


  • Music Dionne Warwick

    5-Time Grammy Award Winner

    Dionne Warwick is a 5-time Grammy Award winning legend. She is an American singer, actress, and television show host, who became a United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization, and a United States Ambassador of Health.


  • Theatre Douglas Baldeo

    Actor, Singer, and Dancer

    Twelve-year-old Douglas Baldeo was a principal cast member of the award-winning Broadway Musical, "Kinky Boots". Following his run in "Kinky Boots", he was cast as a vacation swing for "Motown the Musical" on tour.


  • Music Rachel Lorin

    Recording Artist

    Rachel Lorin is a rock singer, who starred on the reality show "The Next Big Thing: NY" (2012), broadcast on Oxygen and E! networks. She has worked with multi-Grammy Award winner Earl Cohen, Tony Harnell of TNT and Skid Row, and Pat Gasperini of Pound.


Preview Performers

  • Music Gerald Alston

    Lead Singer, The Manhattans

    Gerald Alston is an American R&B singer, and the lead singer with The Manhattans. Between 1988 and 1995, he left the group to record five albums (later recording his tribute to Sam Cooke in 2008) and ten solo singles.


  • Music Kathy Sledge

    Former Lead Singer, Sister Sledge

    Kathy Sledge is a singer who is best known as lead singer of the R&B group Sister Sledge. As a solo performer, she has had several hits on the International Pop and Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, including "Take Me Back to Love Again", which hit #1.




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