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Songs to Invoke Faith

Episode 9
Songs to Invoke Faith

Experience the Journey

The word faith gets bandied about quite often. It is an easy marker of how much a person wants you to believe, what they believe, when they let the word pass from their lips. There is an oft used definition, according to Merriam-Webster, of faith:

“Firm belief in something for which there is no proof.”

However, I prefer to rely on the first definition, listed in the same dictionary:

“Allegiance to duty or a person."

This is the strength of faith.

Faith in a higher being can be as beautiful as a needed embrace, or it can be the blindfold you use to justify any ignorance. You will be either comforted by the embrace, or blinded by the sight of it. Therefore, I urge you to choose your faith carefully.

Guest Performers

  • Music Amelia Moore

    Actress and Journalist

    Amelia Moore (aka Ameliaismore) is an actress, producer, and journalist. She has been A&R Assistant at Atlantic Records, Director of A&R at Gee Street, and General Manager at Ruff Ryder Records, leaving as President at Ruff Ryders Lifestyle.


  • Medical Dr. Hassan Tetteh

    Physician and Board-Certified Surgeon

    Dr. Hassan Tetteh is a board-certified surgeon specializing in thoracic surgery, critical care, heart and lung transplantation, research and education.


  • Music Gerald Alston

    Lead Singer, The Manhattans

    Gerald Alston is an American R&B singer, and the lead singer with The Manhattans. Between 1988 and 1995, he left the group to record five albums (later recording his tribute to Sam Cooke in 2008) and ten solo singles.


  • Theatre Mitch Weiss

    Entertainment Manager and Co-Author, “The Business of Broadway”

    Mitch Weiss has 35 years of management experience in theatre and music. He has managed over 180 Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, including Tony Award winners A Chorus Line, The Grapes of Wrath, and Beauty and the Beast.


  • Theatre Perri Gaffney

    Actress and Co-Author, “The Business of Broadway”

    Perri Gaffney adapted her debut novel, "The Resurrection of Alice", into a one-woman play that won the 2014 African-American Arts Alliance of Chicago Outstanding Actress Award, and the 2014 Black Theater Alliance's Best Lead Actress Award (Chicago).


  • Ministry Shanna Marie Wallace

    CEO, Mind Yard New York

    Shanna Marie Wallace is a Spiritual Interfaith Minister, who inspires in her classes, workshops, and guest speaking appearances. Her passionate and purposeful work has been featured in The Bronx Times, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, and Tech Insider.


  • Music Sunni

    Member, Blush

    Mathew Knowles found phenomenal success grooming and managing the mega group Destiny's Child. He is now handing out mics to Blush, a harmonically blended hip-hop and R&B trio (est. 2013), and they are using them to mix fiery rhymes and hooks.




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