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Each day every voice in media wakes up and chisels its message to a sharper point. Cranks the amplifier up another notch. Anything to be heard above the din of everyone else's opinion, message, and music.

Absofacto is a pacifist in the noise war. His music grows naturally and free of any pressure to compete. Lovingly embracing pieces of many genres without swearing sole allegiance to any of them. Absorbed in his headphones until the sunrise, blending electronic and organic sounds until something special emerges.

Something that hits you in heart.

By letting the music be true and simple, by not forcing the songs to fight like dogs for attention... they get heard. They get spread. They become magnetic somehow, effortlessly drawing people in. A unique place you want to invite your best friend to. A place where you can get happily lost for a while.

It's in this way that Absofacto has naturally become a cult favorite, always bubbling just under the surface of the internet, known to relatively few but loved deeply by those that do. Perhaps this is best exemplified by his sleeper hit, "Dissolve". Self-released with no promotional support outside of a handful of prescient blogs, it nonetheless went on to reach #1 on Hype Machine, and rack up millions of plays on Spotify by virtue of friends telling friends telling friends.

Last Updated: July 31, 2017

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