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2017 Videographer Award of Distinction

Video Production: Video - Entertainment - Sarah Dash: Change Had to be Made
2017 Videographer Award of Distinction

Videographer Awards announced winners for the 2017 international awards competition that recognizes outstanding achievement in video and digital production skills. There were more than 1,400 entries from throughout the United States and 13 other countries in the 2017 competition.

Media personality Shefik, a native of New York, has won an Award of Distinction in the competition for his multimedia show, "Shefik presents Invocation". The award was presented under the category "Video Production: Video - Entertainment", with the production crew credited as Shefik (Producer, Director, Editor, Camera Operator) and Neddy Smith (Production Assistant). The Award of Distinction was awarded for projects that exceeded industry standards. Approximately 15 percent of the entries won this award.

The award-winning video, titled "Change Had to Be Made", features the legendary recording artist and actress Sarah Dash. Her first notable appearance was as a member of Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles. The group later reformed as Labelle, by changing their look, musical direction, and style. They debuted their new look, while backing The Who during a tour stop in New York. Following this, Labelle signed a contract with Track Records (The Who's label), which received distribution from Warner Bros. Records. Later signing to Epic Records, Labelle held the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week, and also topped the Canadian RPM national singles chart, with their cover of the song "Lady Marmalade".

"Congratulations, Shefik, on your wonderful talent of bringing forth spiritual thoughts, with both creative and informative work, which will help humanity look up to what is known as wisdom," says Dash.

Dash has had a full career, moving from singer to songwriter and session musician for famous bands and artists that include The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, and The X-Pensive Winos. In the video, Dash discusses her career "Revolution", particularly her work with Labelle, as well as her significant solo success.

"Sarah Dash continues to make a tremendous impact in the music industry," says Shefik. "Her groundbreaking work with Labelle has shaped the blueprint for many all-female groups to follow, and her solo endeavors are always held in high regard. I am honored that she and I worked on this video project together, as a means to document a portion of her legacy."

Videographer Awards is one of the most coveted awards in the video industry. Since 1994, thousands of production and communication professionals have entered their best and most creative work. The goal of the Videographer Awards is to identify and recognize video artisans, who excel in the scope of their own environment. Winners range from network news operations to local cable access, from large production companies to freelancers, and from international advertising agencies to student producers.

Videographer Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The international organization consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production, and freelance professionals, who have entered AMCP programs. The advisory board oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges, and sets standards of excellence.


About 'Shefik presents Invocation'

Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated radio show is a mesmerizing and thought-provoking journey through musical discovery and appreciation that spans the decades. The show is currently broadcast on 22 terrestrial radio stations and frequencies throughout the United States. Each one-hour episode, executive-produced and hosted by media personality Shefik, highlights one relatable focal point (chosen by Shefik), along with an accompanying playlist of songs (curated by Shefik), encompassing a unique thematic concept that invigorates the audience with creative impact. Top recording artists, actors, business executives, politicians, community leaders, and other special guests are invited to offer their own commentary on the weekly topic, as a supplement to Shefik's engaging mindset. The radio show's online hub at serves as a conduit for discussion of the show, while featuring related videos and auxiliary content. The journey continues right here and everywhere.